viernes, 17 de enero de 2014

Utah Phillips - The Telling Takes Me Home (1997)

01 The Telling Takes Me Home
02 The Goodnight-Loving Trail
03 John D. Lee
04 Dog Canyon
05 Johnny Thurman
06 Pig Hollow
07 Jesse's Corrido
08 Enola Gay
09 Rock Me to Sleep
10 Larimer Street
11 Stupid's Song (I Have Led a Good Life)
12 Scott's Creek Bluff
13 Weepy Doesn't Know
14 Yuba City
15 I Remember Loving You
16 Dancers
17 Room for the Poor
18 Eddy's Song
19 All Used Up
20 She'll Never Be Mine

País: Estados Unidos
Genero: Folk, Country

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Otro álbum, del gran "cowboy" anarquista, Utah Philips (1935-2008) compositor de canciones como "Going Away",  "I Will Not Obey" y "Orphan Train" entre otras.

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  1. Good to see this here. I worked with Utah many times over the years, lucky to have him as a colleague, mentor and friend. He was a true anarchist, and a kind and generous soul...